Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rotating Curtain Panel Revisted

Thanks to Andy over at, he recommended that my rotating curtain wall system could be created using standard curtain wall opposed to pattern based which would make it simpler and easier to manipulate.  So here is how to do it!

Start by creaing a custom Curtain Wall Panel

Next we are going to set up the rig for rotating the panel using the revolve method developed by Marcello over at

Go to the Exterior View and create a new Solid Revolve form, create a square with its axis line being the center of rotation for your panel, dimensioning the form is not necessary because we are only using it for its work plane (be sure to turn off the forms visibility)

Now it is time to create the parameters using the same methodology as my previous panel, we need to create an instance input value and an overall rotation value, however, we also need values to control our work plane that the extrusion will be hosted on.

Next we create the workplane using a reference line and the pick line function

Now if we adjust the input value the work plane rotates around the center point

Next, we return to the exterior view and apply reporting parameters to the existing reference planes
We can now set our workplane to the reference line and create our extrusion and use the reporting parameters to control the extrusion

The panel is now ready to be loaded into a curtain wall system and is controlled the same as I mentioned in my previous post



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  6. Hi MerryMan dude - this post is getting on but I was wondering if you could help out - some of the END parameter formula seems to be missing, at least I see there is an open bracket but nothing else. I keep getting an error message from Revit about incorrect units when I am trying to replicate what you've done here. Nice work btw with the blog, slick.