Friday, June 8, 2012

Inaugural Post

Welcome to my blog! Revit: Down to the Details

First a little bit about myself:
I am a Revit Certified Professional from Syracuse NY, and I work as a designer for C&S Companies.
I have a bachelors in Architectural Technology, and have been using Revit for about 5 years.
I pride myself at being very efficient at creating Revit components and sometimes going a bit overboard when it comes to creating some of the details of the object.

This blog will mostly feature the component side of Revit, showing off some high quality/highly detailed Revit components, and occasionaly tutorials on how they were created.  I wanted to create this blog to put myself out there, and to show that Revit is capable of creating highly detailed, realistic components when done the correct way.

That's it for now, and I leave you with an image of one of my first ever Revit components, one of the hardest parts when creating this was figuring out exactly how i wanted to emboss the text.

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