Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Modeling using Images

I created this sweet model this morning (about 3-4 hours of work)
While as a whole the model looks complex and very difficult to model, in reality it wasn't to hard to create

I started by opening a new generic model (face baced) family and setting out rough reference planes for overall length/width/height of the component.  I then took the specification sheet for this piece of equipment and croped out the seperate views (Top, Front, and Right).

Then, by importing the images into Revit, and scaling them to the correct size I had lines that I could easily trace over to create my geometry.

When creating complex Revit models, it is best to take it one step at a time, instead of looking at the model as one big entity, think about breaking it up into pieces, it is much easier to digest that way.
For me, I like to model the really easy stuff first, and then start adding the smaller details later, or you could do it by segments, start from the front and work your way down.

This revit model consists of about 90% simple extrusions, with a few sweeps and revolves thrown in for good measure. (89 pieces total). I decided to forgo adding parameters, I figured that due to sucha specific request for this pump being able to change the dimensions would not be necessary.

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